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Chris White Ministries
P.O. Box 272
Ducktown, TN 37326

We are a non-profit ministry, registered with the state of TN.

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  1. Stephen Hazelwood says:

    Thanks for your segment on debunking the AA medieval art ufo speculation. I knew they were leaving crucial information out if they were being true to form and through your segment I see why they left it out because it blows their theory completely apart.

  2. The Trinity is a infiltration deception doctrine of Satan and I can prove it to you. E-mail me with a response and I will prove it with Scripture and debunk it completely, really. Or you can do your own research on the history of the Trinity and you will see for yourself. Please read (John 17:1-12, particularly verse 3. Exodus 3:15, Matthew 4:10) “This is my name forever,”… [Yahweh], so He would never change it to Jesus. So they are literally not the same person. (John 8:17,18) If fact Jesus said, “I have come in my Father’s name,”(John 5:43). If one reads the Scriptures without any preconcieved notions, one would never arrive at the conclusion of the Trinity. E-mail for additional info. And please be humble enough to accept the truth with objectivity as we, ourselves, have nothing to do in the equation of truth.
    Your brother in Christ

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