CWM Assistant Application

Phone Number
Date of birth
How long have you been a Christian?
How did you come to be a Christian? (Your testimony)
Check any of the following that you have some experience in, and in the box below it briefly give any more relevant details about your experience with it. (Not having experience in any of the following will not prohibit your being hired as I can train you on some of these things if need be.)
Have you been active in either bringing someone to Christ or helping someone grow in their walk with Christ. This could also include helping people with their personal problems with the bible.
Do you have any other skills, not mentioned above that you think would be helpful for this job? (including any other computer programs you are familiar with)
How do you know about me (Chris White?) And why do you want to work for me?
Who are some of your favorite bible teachers?
Who are some of your favorite pod-casters /bloggers or internet personalities.
How much time do you have to work on things for CWM? do you have another job?
Can you give at least one reference, including any contact info, for each of the following: 1.) Job (former or current boss) 2.) Spiritual (pastor or other person who knows you spiritually)