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This is a video I did for new Christians
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Audio Teaching

Here are some of my favorite bible teachers and links to hours and hours of free audio (It was by listening to verse by verse teaching that I learned what I know about the bible)

This is a course from Russ Dizdar intended for new Christians called Dynamic Discipleship

Russ covers the basics like…

Russ’s Other courses are great materials, and they are now free! I talked about this in a video here:

Russ also has a great guide if you feel you may have some issues with demonic spirits called:



Can We Trust the Bible?

Does salvation mean I will never sin again?

What about the Trinity

What about Hell

Other Basic Doctrines

The Rapture


The Sabbath

Spiritual Gifts


The importance of reading the bible


What is the correct name of God / Jesus etc

The Occult What is is and Why its Bad


Helpful Stuff

Sermons every Christian must hear

Victors Story (mp3)

My story about struggle with pornography (video)

Beware the legalists (Especially for new Christians)

All Gale Erwin’s Audio Books for FREE (especially listen to “Jesus Style”)

William Lane Craig (He is the guy you want debating all the famous atheists out there, brilliant guy!)

How I quit drinking and smoking (video)

Gods plan through the ages – Guzik

The Greatest of These is Love – Corrie Tenboom

Apologetics (Evidence for Christianity)

The motherload of free apologetics mp3s

Selected answers to common questions

Alleged Bible Contradictions

The Age of the Universe



Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret (Moody Classics) Free Ebook Version

Autobiography of George Muller: A Million and a Half in Answer to Prayer

The Kneeling Christian

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

The Discipline of Grace: God’s Role and Our Role in the Pursuit of Holiness

Crazy Love

Money, Possessions, and Eternity

Bible Versions etc.:

My personal favorite is the New King James Version or the regular KJV, I like others too, but these are my favorites for a number of reasons.

You can get the bible on mp3 for free here:

I usually recommend starting with the New Testament because you will get so much more out of the Old Testament when you understand who Jesus is. Some of my favorite books in the bible, and good ones to start with are:

All four gospels, (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John especially John) Acts, Romans, Ephesians, Philippians, 1 and 2 Peter and the Psalms and Proverbs (But hey, they’re all good!)

Read to understand, not to just read. Chew on each passage. If you come to something you don’t understand, go look up what bible commentators have said in the past about that passage. A good place to do that is this website: Basically just enter the passage into their search bar and then scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will find out what the scholars have to say about the passage your wondering about. 9 times out of 10 this will solve whatever question you have about it, and will help you to grow as you learn more and more about all the deep truth the bible has to offer.

I also use a free bible software program called E-sword when I do in depth studies. It has all kinds of free apps for commentators and other fun stuff.

Here is some great info about how to study the bible from Chuck Missler

Fellowship (churches)

I personally resisted going to church for a long time after I was saved. It didn’t help that everyone kept telling me that all churches were evil and corrupted. Eventually I went anyway, and after a time of finding the right one. I can tell you its such a joy to be with other Christians.

It is not uncommon for The LORD to prompt a new believer to find a church right away, on several occasion I have know the LORD to do this. Thankfully nowadays finding a good church is easier than ever before because of the internet. We can scope out the local churches online, we can listen to their sermons and read what they believe all without leaving our house.

I have always recommended Calvary Chapel churches to new believers (and old ones too) mainly because they teach the bible verse by verse, this is sometimes called “expository” teaching. (here is an example of verse by verse teaching from David Guzik) The reason I think it is so good is because it makes it VERY hard for a church to get off course, because they have to preach on every word of the bible, not just on the parts that they agree with. The Bible has a way of calling you out if you have the wrong interpretation and by going verse by verse through the bible it has a way of keeping that church as pure, doctrinally speaking as possible. I also like Calvary Chapels because they are really laid back, no dressing up. Just real people who love Jesus, and each other. At the very least, Calvary Chapel’s are a safe starting point on your search for churches, and it will give you something to compare the rest of them to.

No church you attend will be perfect (after all you will be there) You dont have to agree with them about everything, If you think that you do, you will never find a church that stacks up to your expectations. If they believe in the basics and love Jesus, and you feel led in some way that you should be there. its usually OK.
You can never be too familiar with the Gospel:

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Audio Archives:
This is a huge library of audio mp3’s by topic, intended for New Christians from Navigators

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