Moving and Writing a Book – CWM Newsletter 1/29/2013

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The first thing I want to mention is that my wife and I decided to move about four hours away to east Tennessee! It has been something I have wanted to do for a long time, and we decided to give it a shot for a year and see if there is something to my hunch that there is a ministry for us out there. It should be a pretty substantial decrease in cost of living too. Even though we are excited about the move, we are also sad to leave behind our friends and church which have been such an inspiring and important part of our lives over the last few years. We are also a little nervous about the move, and we are experiencing all the stresses that come with moving, so your prayers about this would mean a lot to us….seriously.

New Book

I have decided to write a book about Sleep Paralysis. I feel that a book would be the best vehicle to publish the results of last year’s sleep paralysis study, which I think is pretty groundbreaking stuff and could change the way everyone thinks of SP. In addition, I think that the medium of a book can get this powerful message of hope to people that my podcasts and videos about SP simply cannot.

The numbers are so high of people looking for answers about SP, but they are being directed to places like to buy books on the subject, and I almost shudder every time I see the books they offer on SP, as many of them simply make matters worse for the person. Writing a very well researched book on SP would also give me the opportunity go on big radio and television shows that would not consider having me on otherwise, and so it will be a kind of missionary endeavor as well.

This will be a difficult and very costly process so please consider a donation to this project as it will be even more time and resource intensive than the recent Ancient Aliens Debunked film. I can almost guarantee however that, Lord willing, it will be much more fruitful than AAD in terms of changed lives. You can make a tax deductible gift at my website here, It will be used well: Donate Via Paypal Here

Other News:

  • Ancient Aliens Debunked goes over 1.5 Million views!
  • Free Christianity 101 Dvds double in demand (which is a good indication)
  • My two new podcasts: : The Stop Sleep Paralysis Podcast and the Ancient Aliens Debunked Podcast have been much more popular than I expected with their respective audiences.
  • The Daniel study continues, having recently completed the explanation of the “Contemporaneous Beast View” of Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 in two studies, which took a number of months to complete. (Part 1, Part 2)
  • I will begin a study on the book of Revelation in a video series when I complete the Daniel study. Lord willing.
  • The Sabbath and the new Covenant project continues, but because of the SP book project, production on the Sabbath video will most likely be accelerated for release in late February.

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If you feel led to contribute to the work I’m doing it would be very appreciated at this time, We endeavor to use every penny well.  All donations are fully tax deductible and can be made by going to the following link. My wife will send receipts out for every donation received. or it can be mailed to the address below.

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